I’m excited to be starting a gluten-free cleanse on Monday, guided by my favorite Nutritionista, Meghan Telpner. I mentioned her in my last entry, way back in 2009.   Sure, this blog & twitter feed have gone silent, but I’m using this as a great excuse to jump back in head-first.  I’m happy to finally be able to take part in one of her guided programs. I’m one of those people who needs to be held accountable by others and I have a feeling Meghan and all those participating will definitely hold me to my word.  I’m looking forward to the adventure and I’m super glad to not be jumping in alone.

My favorite thing about this program is that it’s all based on whole foods. It’s easy to go junk food gluten-free, just like it’s easy to be a junk food vegetarian or vegan.  There is a growing market and the pre-packaged food industry has taken notice. I’m a cancer survivor, and I know that type of “diet” will never work for me.  I hate the word diet. I’m looking to make lifestyle changes and to live healthfully. I’m interested in eating the most whole and healing foods possible.  The timing couldn’t be better, with my yearly cancer scans and blood tests right around the corner.

I’ll write more about my experience on gluten and what I hope to accomplish on the journey when the cleanse kicks off.

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