This morning I launched my first Indiegogo campaign.  As a cancer survivor and dedicated life-long learner, I’ve devoted much of my last 10 years to the pursuit of resources and knowledge that will benefit me in my healing process.  To be honest, there aren’t many resources out there, especially for young cancer survivors, when it comes to whole food nutrition and disease prevention/healing.  I want to change that. My campaign’s initial goal is to raise tuition money so that I can receive certification in culinary nutrition.   My bigger end goal is to use what I learn, and have learned over the past 10 years, to help fellow cancer survivors and their families introduce more whole foods into their diets to help heal their bodies and prevent future disease.  I want to break things down as simply as I can and give these individual easy and meaningful ways they can make changes when it comes to nutrition.

This month I am 6 years cancer-free. Please help me celebrate by helping me pay it forward.  If you have the capacity, please give.  There are tons of perk levels to choose from, or you can give a straight donation.  If you don’t have the means to give now, please share/pass on my story.



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